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Terms & Conditions


Maxillary Media, as a division of EmoMetric Media LLC,  will utilize proprietary customized content and developed strategies to maximize campaign reach across specified social and search platforms.  


Maxillary Media will require access to social media and digital accounts in order to properly link Ad Campaigns to the client's brand.  The client agrees to grant access to EmoMetric Media to represent the client in client-branded digital media ads. 

The client agrees to a monthly recurring management subscription fee in addition to the client-determined monthly Ad buy spend.  Service cancellation must be made in writing via email and can be requested at any time. Balance of precharged ad budget at the time of separation will be used to service the client until they expire. The client understands that ad budgets will be managed across campaigns at the discretion of MaxillaryMedia in accordance with an established marketing strategy. 
MaxillaryMedia will employ best practices to optimize campaigns with engaging content as well as  continuously test and reevaluate ad construction, search terms, relevant profile interests and consumer engagement patterns to develop the most effective marketing program for the client's practice.   

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