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Our customized Digital Marketing Campaigns

will grow your practice.  

Move Patients 
to your Practice.

Move Patients 
to your Practice.


The Maxillary Media Difference

You work hard to distinguish your practice through the care that you provide your patients.  At EmoMetric, we have developed a deep understanding of the dental consumer's journey through their lens in the digital space, and it is our experience and expertise that we draw upon to guide your ideal potential lead to become your committed patient.

Patients have a choice. Your practice should be that choice.

Domain Knowledge & Understanding


Digital Campaigns That Move Patients

Attract More Patients

With our customized digital ads, we address real patient concerns that motivate their decisions.

Our expert Digital Ad Producers and Campaign Developers create award-winning customer funnels. 
We capture the attention of patients seeking care and motivate them to connect with your practice. 

Your Digital Ad Campaigns Display On:

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Maxillary Services - Digital Marketing Program

Connect Your Practice

Maxillary Media is your marketing partner at the cutting edge of technology.
We are passionate about driving real results for your practice; results that are calculable.

An effective marketing program requires the ability to anticipate a patient's response to a well-crafted campaign and to have the right remarketing effort in place, at the right time. Only experience can adequately prepare a team for this effort. At Maxillary Media, we have exactly that valuable experience.  

Digital / Media Advertising 


Google Search & Display Facebook, Instagram

and a network of third party websites & mobile applications. 

Real Time dashboard with dynamic graphic interface

Website Design

 & Maintenance

Website & Lading Page

Design & Maintenance

Social Media Campaign Management

Drive the conversation about your practice with a schedule of thoughtful social media posts.

Reputation Management 

Cultivate positive customer feedback and genuine social reviews

Speak To Patients
Film production Maxillary Media manage northern dental
Dental studio increased visibility after engaging with Maxillary Media
Pedosmile is at is best due to the engagement Maxillary Media provided
Dr. edwards loved Maxillary Media after we connect his clinic to mutiple patients
Video ads increased by Maxillary media for Coast Care dental


“What I like is that Maxillary Media is focused on Dentistry. They know the space and that’s probably
why the results far exceeded our expectations.”

Sunshine Pediatric Office Manager 


COVID 19  Safety Video

Safety Video - Your Practice

Customized Safety Video   
For Your Practice

  • Customized For Your Practice

  • Send To Scheduled Patients

  • Let Patients Know What To Expect

  • Instant Brand Awareness 

  • Set Your Patients At Ease

  • 25% Less Patient Cancellations


Real-Time Interactive Reporting

Metrics that make sense with data driven info-graphics 
Black Ipad
Facebook Analysis on videos VS pictures
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