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Dan Brody 

Chief Executive Producer 

Dan is an experienced and effective marketing pioneer, with a unique understanding of the value added through compelling digital media.  He is an accomplished C-Suite manager of broadcast digital campaigns that have built calculable brand awareness and sales. Dan is also himself, a seasoned film-maker with International Film Festival selections and he understands first hand,  that effective communication with consumers, speaks directly to the bottom line. 

As a founding partner of the digital platform Farbinder, Dan has witnessed the irrefutable power and effectiveness of merging a digital video message with a well executed digital media advertising campaign. The confluence of artful messaging and science based analytics, offers smart business owners an undeniable advantage in reaching their ideal consumer, in the right venue at the right time and with the right message.

Dan has also taught an extensive course on how to identify the right business opportunity to invest in as well as spoken before numerous audiences to share insight into developing a motivating business culture and best practices. 

Diosmedy Diaz

Creative Producer 

Dios brings with him a track record of tapping into the core message of a brand and ensuring not only that your 'Story' is appropriately conveyed to your target audience but that it is communicated and resonates in a meaningful way.

Current accomplishments include brand development with 10X growth metrics of notable social media (Youtube)  personalities as well as oversight of key retail partners and T-Mobile retail marketing initiatives.  


William  B.

Director of Data Analytics 

William is a data analytics expert with deep knowledge of digital social platform's hierarchical matrices. He understands the science behind viral marketing development in a way that few people do and can methodically identify / match a valued consumer profile to the appropriate client product, with an effective process that even fewer can grasp. 

Techincal Partner 

Shrikant    D.

Shrikant commands a level of technical expertise for data analytics and computation that is vital when rapid analysis is required to identify consumer patterns and implement protocols on a dime.  With countless consumer facing product development hours under his belt, Shrikant is adept at recognizing nascent consumer micro trends and capitalizing on early adopted market response.   

Dan Brody Chief Executive Producer of Maxillary Media
Diosmedy Diaz Creative Producer and Data Analytics of Maxillary media


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